What blood types affect lice the most?

Child scratching head plagued by lice

What Blood Types Affect Lice The Most? Head lice are little insects that mainly feed on human blood. In your home, you might have seen someone being infected by the lice while others are not. The only question that comes to mind during those situations is, do lice prefer a certain blood type? What Blood…

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Your Head Lice Questions Answered

child is itching their head

Your Head Lice Questions Answer Head lice have been plaguing society since ancient times. Yet we still have so many questions when we find ourselves faced with an actual infestation. That’s why our local lice experts are here to answer all of our most asked lice questions.  Why don’t over the counter products work? Over…

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When to Go to a Lice Removal Clinic

person receiving the zyma air therapy head lice treatment

Head lice can be a nuisance to tackle alone. Luckily there are head lice professionals out there that can help make the removal process easier. The question is at what point should you seek a professional’s help?  When to Go to a Lice Removal Clinic Head lice removal professionals can help with every step of…

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