When to Go to a Lice Removal Clinic

person receiving the zyma air therapy head lice treatment

Head lice can be a nuisance to tackle alone. Luckily there are head lice professionals out there that can help make the removal process easier. The question is at what point should you seek a professional’s help? 

When to Go to a Lice Removal Clinic

Head lice removal professionals can help with every step of a head lice infestation. From head lice screenings to removals, they are your go-to experts. If you think you or someone in your household has lice your first step should be to perform a check. You can do this by combing through damp hair with a flashlight. If you are worried about performing a check then this is the perfect time to head to your local lice removal clinic. The experts there can perform a lice check for you and start treatment immediately if necessary.

You can try over the counter or DIY lice treatments at home after finding lice. Or you could head straight to your local lice clinic for a professional guaranteed treatment. We recommend heading to a lice clinic the second you suspect head lice. That way we can get you head lice free and back to normal.

Your Local Lice Removal Clinic

For all your head lice removal needs checkout your local Lice Clinic at Lice Free NY. We offer everything from lice checks to removal and advice. Our head lice technicians are professionally trained and here to help with all your lice needs. We offer full and express treatments that guarantees to remove lice and nits without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Visit your local lice clinic at Lice Free Clinics NY today for all your lice removal needs.