Can Your Pets Catch Head Lice? Understanding Cross-Species Infestation

When battling head lice, a common concern among pet owners is whether these pesky parasites can jump from humans to their furry companions. The fear of a full-scale infestation taking over not just your family’s heads but also your pets is daunting. Let’s explore the biology and behavior of head lice to understand whether your…

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Is Spotting Lice Harder Based on Hair Color?

Lice infestations are a common nuisance, particularly among school-age children, but there’s a prevailing belief that spotting lice might be easier or harder depending on one’s hair color. Some argue that lice are more visible on lighter hair, while others claim the opposite. In this blog, we’ll examine the science behind this, and dispel any…

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Delving Deeper into the Lifecycle of Head Lice

Dealing with head lice can be a frustrating experience, but understanding their lifecycle can empower us to tackle infestations more effectively. This guide offers an expanded look into the life stages of head lice, alongside more detailed prevention and treatment strategies. Introduction to Head Lice Head lice are tiny parasites that are found on the…

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Can Adults Get Head Lice?

When you think about head lice, chances are that you probably picture a child being sent home by the school nurse. It is quite common for children to get head lice from time to time. However, many people do not think about getting head lice as an adult. Do adults even get head lice? What…

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How Long After Treatment is Head Lice Spreadable?

No one enjoys having lice. One question many people have is how long head lice can be spread after treatment. How is Head Lice Spread? Before digging into how long lice can be spread after treatment, it is important to know how lice can be spread. For head lice to be spread from one person…

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Why Do Head Lice Make You Itch

Head Lice making your Head Itch

People are infested with lice, which are tiny insects that live on their scalps. They are brown or black, and their eggs are white. Lice feed on human blood, laying eggs on the hair shafts near the scalp. When the lice hatch, they crawl down to the scalp and start to feed. It is what…

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Can African Americans Get Head Lice?

African American Checking on her hair

Can African Americans Get Head Lice? It has long been a myth that African Americans and those with similar hair textures can not get head lice. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Those with natural hair can still get head lice the same as any other hair type. Let’s talk more about how African Americans can get…

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Talking To Other Parents About Head Lice

Talking to Other Parents About Head Lice Head lice is always an uncomfortable topic to discuss, especially amongst adults. When it comes to neighborhood gatherings, PTA meetings, or lunch with the girls, the last thing anyone wants is to bring up uncomfortable topics. Head lice is one of those topics though that seems to wedge…

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What blood types affect lice the most?

Child scratching head plagued by lice

What Blood Types Affect Lice The Most? Head lice are little insects that mainly feed on human blood. In your home, you might have seen someone being infected by the lice while others are not. The only question that comes to mind during those situations is, do lice prefer a certain blood type? What Blood…

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