Can African Americans Get Head Lice?

Can African Americans Get Head Lice?

It has long been a myth that African Americans and those with similar hair textures can not get head lice. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Those with natural hair can still get head lice the same as any other hair type. Let’s talk more about how African Americans can get head lice.

Can African Americans Get Head Lice?

As we mentioned above those with natural hair can still get head lice. While african americans are less likely to get head lice, infestations are still common. Lice do have a harder time navigating coiled hair and tight curls. This also means it can be more difficult to spot and remove lice from natural hair. Just like lice don’t have a preference over clean or dirty hair, they don’t have a preference over hair types. 

Head Lice Hair Preference

Head lice don’t have a preference when it comes to who they infest. They are more about proximity and finding a new host. While they do like to take the easiest route there is no hair that is off limits to them. Things like dirty hair and tight coils can make it less likely for lice to attach but not impossible. Lice prefer the easy access of clean straight hair but that doesn’t mean the infestation rate of straight hair is any less than that of natural hair. 

Head Lice Prevention

There are of course steps you can take with any hair type to prevent head lice infestation. Keep in mind head lice cannot jump or fly but instead spread through head to head contact. Avoiding direct contact with others can prevent head lice from spreading. Avoid touching heads when hugging, playing and the like. Accessories like hair brushes, headphones, hats, and others that touch the head can also facilitate the spread of lice. It’s best to avoid sharing these items and coming in close contact during peak infestation times. Avoiding lice is the best way to prevent it!

Head Lice Treatment

If you should find yourself with a head lice infestation don’t fret. Our local head lice experts at Lice Free NY can help safely remove head lice without the use of harsh chemicals. We also stand by our treatment with a head lice free guarantee. For more information checkout our head lice treatments!