What to Know About Lice Eggs?

If you find yourself with head lice, it won’t be long before head lice eggs appear. Head lice eggs, or nits, are the beginning of the lice life cycle and hatch into young louse quickly. Knowing how to look for head lice eggs and how to get rid of them can make all the difference in getting lice free.

What do Lice Eggs Look Like?

Nits are tiny little lice eggs you will find attached to the base of hair during a head lice infestation. They are often off-white or tan and oval shaped. If you see an oval blob attached to the base of your hair, chances are it’s a lice egg. Eggs that appear white or translucent have already hatched while darker eggs are still growing. Eggs are small, less than half a millimeter, and hard to remove.

Lice Life Cycle

Nits, or lice eggs, are the beginning stage of the louse life cycle. When head lice move in, they quickly begin laying eggs and growing the infestation. Nits take 7-10 days to hatch, and they will then begin the first of three molts. Each molt the young louse, or nymph, gets larger until it reaches adult size. Adults live around 30 days and will continue to lay eggs the entire time. 

What to Do About Nits

Nits can be extremely difficult to kill. They are stuck tightly on the base of hair follicles and protected by their hard shell. Many over the counter and DIY treatments do not remove or harm nits. Our full and express treatments are designed to treat all head lice including nits and super lice. We stand by our treatments with a lice free guarantee meaning you can leave with peace of mind. 

Don’t let nits ruin your day, let the head lice experts at Lice Free NY help.