What do Head Lice Look Like

Checking for head lice can be a tough task. If you think you or someone in your home has head lice, knowing what to look for can make all the difference. If your head begins to itch it can be beneficial to know if lice or another problem. Let’s go over what head lice look like, so you can be prepared.

What Head Lice Look Like

adult louse holding on to strands of hair

Head lice can be hard to spot due to their small size and nature. They cling to the strands of hair near the scalp and feed off the scalp. You can find them by combing through damp hair with a thin comb. Louse are often tan, white or grey in color and have six legs towards the front of their body. Lice are easy to see despite their small size. Nymphs (young louse) will appear smaller but can also be combed like louse. 

What Nits Look Like

head lice egg or nit on a strand of hair

Nits are louse eggs that attach to the hair with a glue-like substance. They are hard to comb out and often tan or white in color. Louse lay their eggs as close to the scalp as possible making them hard to remove even by cutting or shaving hair. Our full treatment uses cool air to dehydrate and kill both lice and hard to remove nits. 

Other Signs of Lice

Head lice can of course cause irritating itching around the head and neck. Look for redness and sores on warm parts of the scalp near the follicle opening. An allergic reaction happens when the lice feed causing the itch. You may end up with itching and redness extending down the neck due to this. The sensation of crawling is also common among head lice patients. Symptoms of itching, redness, and crawling may not occur for four to six weeks after becoming infested with lice. A head lice expert like those at our clinic can help properly identify lice and remove them. 

The staff at our clinics are professionals in identifying and removing head lice. We offer lice checks, guaranteed treatments, and lice advice to help get you and your family lice free! For more lice advice or to schedule a treatment visit our website or call 888-542-3248!