Do Different Seasons Affect Head lice Infestations?

Many people speculate about the prevalence of head lice during winter and whether their ability to flourish is affected by hot or cold weather. However, these assumptions are not accurate. Head lice can thrive throughout the year, and the only discernible pattern is related to the school semester when children are in close proximity and interacting with each other.

Head lice prefer a warm and cozy environment, which they can find in human hair regardless of the season. The warmth and moisture in the hair, as well as the access to blood for feeding and a suitable place for laying eggs, make it an ideal habitat for lice. Whether your hair is clean or dirty, long or short, head lice can survive and flourish.

During the winter, people tend to wear hats and use heating, which helps maintain the warm environment that lice prefer. Therefore, head lice in winter are well taken care of, but they do not die during this season.

It is essential to address head lice infestations promptly and effectively before they cause long term problems. Schedule your appointment with our team today to become headlice free in less than 60 minutes!