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Be Lice Free

Fastest head lice treatment in New York! Kills all lice and nits in a single treatment. We do all the work so you don't have to.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Our revolutionary head lice treatment process uses our exclusive cool air technology and product that is non-toxic and safe for your family.

Guaranteed and Proven Effective

Thousands of successful treatments since 2018
Recommeded by NY moms, school nurses and pediatricians.
We stand behind our process-Guaranteed!


Kaylie R.

I've never been through something like this in my life. I have 4 kids and I was seriously ready to cut everyone's hair OFF, mine included. And then...i found these ANGELS who were willing to take my money to free us of these soul sucking creatures. These ladies were professional and amazing during this stressful and embarrassing time and I will scream from the hilltops about this experience. Thank you thank you thank you !!!! Was worth every dime.

Candace C.

Call these ladies first! This was my first experience with lice. We tried mayonnaise on my kids hair, then nix ultra, then coconut oil. Kids still had lice in their hair! ????. I had heard another mom I knew had months of trying to get rid of lice in her home. I had already spent over $100 on otc that didn’t work. I was frustrated and sickening not sleeping knowing their were bugs in my kids hair. I researched late at night and came across this! I felt so relieved as soon as we got there! She looked through all of our hair and found lice in my kids hair and none in mine. She did the treatment on both my kids. We were there less than 2 hours, and we left with no more lice, no more nits and we were ready for our vacation with peace of mind. We came back days later and she reassured that there was no more lice! Andrea in Elmira is a god send. It’s totally worth the price, it will save you money and time, missed days work and more than anything, relief. She gives you easy tips at home on to keep lice out and sells shampoos and sprays to use everyday.

Jordan W.

I was super quick to make an appointment to take care of our daughter after these ladies came highly recommended by a friend. (Especially considering her sister’s #1 fear in life is LICE!) Being able to treat one and check the rest of us gave us peace of mind immediately. Nice office, nicer workers and I left smelling like my hair had been to the salon 🙂 Thank you - from ALL of us! Don’t spend all week raking through hair and hoping you got it all. Call these gals RIGHT NOW and get on with your day!